‘Happiness’ Sunshine: A knowing, a feeling, a making or a doing?!

This morning, I was watching the vivid sunrise sprinkle its sunshine everywhere and fill life into another beautiful day. It struck me that regardless of whether we watch it or not, the Sun invariably rises every morning in its own grandeur. Completely oblivious of whether we feel it or not, the sunshine lightens up the whole atmosphere daily. Extrapolating this analogy further, in life too, the sunshine of ‘Happiness’ is perpetually lying there spreading its wings in the background. If we acknowledge its presence, we experience happiness and if we run around the daily errands without noticing it, we feel the lack of it – as simple as that!

This may sound too trivial for the kind of times where quotes like  ‘Happiness is doing …. with my …..’ or ‘Happiness is watching my  …… do/say …..’ are trending.  But, coming to think of it deeply, do these external ‘triggers’ that we are looking for, yield ephemeral recreation or real happiness? 

Too often, we perceive happiness as a fleeting feeling that needs to be pounced upon galloping on the horse of events. But, have we ever pondered upon the fact that happiness can be much more easier than that?!

Happiness, in my experience, is a choice rather than an event by chance;  a state of mind rather than a volatile emotion; an attitude rather than an elusive destination; our intrinsic nature rather than an inculcative habit.

Which is why, there is no one in this world who haven’t had glimpses of happiness in their life in their own way. But the experience happens to be fragile and evaporates with time, making it seem like just another fleeing feeling. What if this feeling can be tailored to be perpetual even long after it’s felt? Doesn’t it then become an incessant continuum at the back of the mind while we carry on our life in the foreground? It is this kind of joy that is actually ‘real’.

The jumpstart towards this real ‘happiness’ has to and will always, as cliched as it sounds, begin from within! That’s when you discover the true meaning of ‘HAPPY’! That’s when what seemed like just a mere feeling so far translates itself into an actually new mindset, that’s when our spurs of happy moments spring into eternal joy, that’s when our mundane world breathes a new lease of life!

Today happens to be the International Day of Happiness and this year, on this day, let us resolve to explore ourselves inside out and quench our thirst of eternal happiness by reaching for the source deep within us!


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