Online Meditation and Breath Workshop

! Unlock the secret doors of eternal joy with the sacred key of breath !

The Online Meditation and Breath Workshop offers a unique combination of:

  • The most effective and medically researched breath technique – Sudarshan Kriya
  • Effective Yoga stretches –Yogasana, tranquil breath techniques – Pranayama and serene Meditations
  • Practical techniques to relieve anxiety, fear, stress and worry
  • Natural methods to boost the immune system and effective aids for deeper rest
  • Secret keys to walk through challenges with inner strength
  • Unlimited reservoirs of happiness within
  • A daily 30 minute practice to keep you energized and joyful

Eligibility:   Above 18 years of age

Duration:  Online program for 4 days of  2 hours each 

! Discover the Happiness Champion within You !

Over 100 independent studies conducted in four continents and published in peer review journals have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing the Sudarshan Kriya™.

7 thoughts on “Online Meditation and Breath Workshop

  1. I shall attend it (+ve)ly since I’m suffering from the following problems i. e. mind setup, concentration, memory, interest, excitement, intelligence, frickle minded, personality disorder, pschychological matters, etc.


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