Corona Virus pandemic : Is there more to this medical crisis than just getting susceptible with panic and fighting for prevention?!

The talk of the town in every corner of the world today is the COVID-19 and how dreaded it is. Wherever the eyes go, there is so much of information about the Corona virus, its symptoms, damages and protection methods. Though information is power, the plethora of communication floating around on this pandemic all over the place is leading people into confusion and panic. However, it is important to have the complete and right detailing about this grave situation now. So, the best way to keep ourselves abreast of the precise know-how of this whole outbreak is through the official channels of the Government bodies and the globally specialized bodies like the WHO. It is better to ignore and avoid the other non-certified sources to keep ourselves and the world around sane. It is also equally important for us as responsible citizens to adhere to the special rules and guidelines laid down by the Central Health Ministry to keep ourselves and our nation safe. 

In these testing times of uncertainty when the cure for the disease is yet to be invented, the only way to stay safe is to safeguard ourselves from the virus. Prevention is any day better when we are unsure of the cure. So, following the protection guidelines outlined by the standard medical fraternity like washing hands with soap frequently, elbow to the mouth while coughing and sneezing, avoiding physical contact with people and refraining from unimportant public appearances is a must. These methods ensure that the viruses do not remain on our body and infect us even if we catch them accidentally. But, how about eliminating the possibility of catching the virus at all? Yes, that is possible! Any harmful virus can multiply in our body only when the body becomes weak enough to allow them to grow, when it fails to generate the enzymes and antibodies that recognize the viruses and neutralize them. This ability of our body to be able to combat the viral infection is the immunity.

There are many simple indigenous ways in which we can make our system immune to the microbial exposure. Our ancient materia medica of Ayurveda suggests there are specific herbs that can boost the immune system. Ginger, turmeric, pepper and Tulsi are the most common home remedies that have antipyretic and antiviral properties that can strengthen our whole sytem when consumed regularly over a period of time. Another simple yet most effective technique to keep our immunity at its best is through our precious heritage of Yoga and Meditation. Not only is this India’s one of the biggest contributions to the world, it has also been enriching individuals, communities and nations to enliven the spirit from times immemorial.

A few minutes of warming up, a certain set of stretching and bending Yogasanas, couple of tranquil breath techniques culminating into a serene meditation session can go a long way in not only immunizing our body but also giving the much needed restraint and reslience to our minds as well in these times of alarm and panic. Especially, the widely researched Sudarshan Kriya technique of  The Art of Living has proven to be one of the instant methods to improve the immunity levels, increase the well-being hormone by 33%, increase the antioxidant enzymes and decrease the cortisol levels responsible for stress by 78%.


While we need to be prudent and vigilant about this global phenomenon of medical crisis, I feel there seem to be a few lessons the Mother Nature is hinting about through this disaster. For one, it could be an inkling to take better care of this unique, precious gift of our body-mind-spirit complex by subjecting it to regular maintenance methods and not leave it helpless at the hands of an external temporary jitter. May be a little more attention on our food habits, lifestyle orientations, nutrition values, fitness levels, exercise quotients and stress appetites is the red flag raised for. Second, the way the outburst of COVID-19 brought down the entire economy and business to an almost standstill may be another sign the creation is sending our way to arrest the greedy attitude of hoarding more and more, faster and faster without giving it a thought of where to head next.

Finally, the way the world has managed to slow down its pace of  galloping lifestyle in the past few days of crisis, refraining from the grabbing everything on-the-go attitude, it could be the simple yet constantly ignored message the universe is trying to reiterate resoundingly now – that the most valuable thing in our life is the ‘Life’ itself, much more than all the containers and fixtures that we are constantly on the look out for to fit life into. That Life is often a matter of moments, experiences and values and seldom a matter of milestones, targets and returns!


All said and done, if we can really unlearn a thing or two from this catastrophe and modify a few basic global behavioural patterns towards a better life and a nicer world rather than just a better livelihood and a crazily swirling globe, the most vicious danger at hand can turn out to be the highest blessing in disguise. Perhaps, this clueless mayhem that Mother Nature has thrown on us unannounced would have served its purpose!

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