Thanjavur temple fiasco: A Master’s testimony to the play and display of ‘Satyameva Jayate’ yet another time!

             |December 7th, 2018 | Brihadeeshwara Temple | Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu |

The arena was all set… Audience were all geared up… Event organizers were all excited! The ancient scripture of  Vignan Bhairav was to be decoded for the ardent seekers by their Master H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, thus unveiling ‘Infinity’ into a simple yet profound experiential phenomenon.

And just a few hours before the program was about to begin, out of nowhere came the notice that the Madras High Court has ordered a stay, prohibiting the program from being adorned at the temple. Temple is a place of worship and irony died a painful death when a highest form of worship called ‘Meditation’ was denied at a very place built for this purpose by our ancestors!

The decision was unjust, the time of notice was overdue, the crowd was huge, the situation was annoying, plan of ‘what next’ was chaotic… the organizers could have gone berserk, thousands of eager audience could have gone frenzy, the whole event could have gone topsy-turvy… But the beauty of having someone of the stature of Gurudev Sri Sri stand tall behind the whole event is that even a grave chaos of this scale becomes a glaring opportunity to exhibit peace and skill over restlessness and aggression.

Venue shifted to another spacious hall, stage was set again, all the other arrangements and logistics were worked out at the new venue and appropriate announcements made to apprise participants of the changes… All in just four hours flat! What had taken months of effort in organising the same event at Brihadeeshwara temple was now built-to-suit in a matter of hours! Gurudev imparted the whole program of  Vignan Bhairav as per the hitherto published schedule as though no fiasco ever happened. If this isn’t a mystery of grace, what is! 


All said and done, irrespective of all the challenges and obstructions on the way, the event took place as spectacular and splendid as it was intended to be. In the meanwhile, the same Madras High Court that had stayed the program legally announced that the Art of Living organisation had obtained all necessary permissions from the appropriate authorities, including the erection of a temporary tent within the temple grounds and there was no reason to make such a huge hue and cry about a spiritual, peaceful and harmonious event.

Gurudev says, “Obstacles come only to test your commitment to the path.” As always, the obstacles have been proved to be ephemeral and His sanctity remained unblemished. Yet another time, He has walked the talk of passion, compassion and composure. Yet another time, He has showcased the steel mettle of perseverance, strength, ‘sankalpa’ and commitment. Yet another time, He has taught the world the power behind the purity of  hearts and sanctity of intentions.


This is one more of those events that stands as a testimony of a ‘Spiritual Master’ who proved how an eternal unwavering commitment to the ‘Ultimate Truth’ can seamlessly dance over the vicious hoods of the likes of vested interests, fake allegations, ludicrous blame games, deliberate defamation, crazy publicity stunts and still be victorious in conquering the hearts of people with the weapon of ‘Love’… yet another time!

How the ancient scriptural time-tested universal fact of ‘Satyameva Jayate’, meaning ‘Truth Always Triumphs’ finds its reassurance over time and place to prevail, immaterial of the magnitude of evil… Yet Another Time!


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