Travelling all the way from ‘God’s own country’ to settle down at the ‘Master’s own abode’, Ganesh Radhakrishnan has learnt the ‘Art of  Living’ a spiritually fulfilling  journey that only a few can even dream of …

Journey so far …


Penning down a few nuggets of my experience…

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Empowering people to convert their dreams into goals, complacence into commitment and roadblocks into stepping stones …


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Art of Living DSN with Ganesh Radha


VTP Kerala Ganesh Radhakrishnan Radha

DSN BLR Mar 2020

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Deep Dive Apr'20

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VTP Apr 2020

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The most powerful and the least valued treasure in the world lies right within us!

More Accolades …

” Thanks for the wonderful experience at the Happiness Program. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful knowledge and wisdom ! “

– Topsy Kretz, Singapore

” We really are blessed to become volunteers after the VTP program with you. “

– Tapashi Gupta, Bangalore