Travelling all the way from ‘God’s own country’ to settle down at the ‘Master’s own abode’, Ganesh Radhakrishnan is living a spiritually fulfilling  journey that only a few can even dream of …

Journey so far …


Penning down a few nuggets of my experience..

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The most powerful and the least valued treasure in the world lies right within us!

More Accolades …

“Many thanks to Ganesh bhaiya for his excellent training. New volunteers created by the best and inspiring teacher at the VTP !”

– Ashutosh Rathore, IT Consultant, Pune

” Transformation begins with DSN. Awesome, amazing, mindblowing experience, high energy. Thank you so much ! “

– Dr. Chitrangana Chauhan, Neuropsychiatrist, Bangalore


Shower  of  Blessings  as  Art  of  Living  Yoga –  Level  2  Instructor !