Dynamism for Self and Nation – DSN

The Art of Living DSN with Ganesh Radha

! Recognize your barriers … Break Your barriers … Realize there are no real barriers !

“Don’t limit your challenges; Challenge your limits!”; “Success is not an accident; it’s an attitude!”; “Chase your dreams, pursue your passion. One life… Live it fully!”

Have all these remained as just clichéd quotes for you? Do you want to actually translate them into reality in your life? Have you ever wondered how your own limitations, inhibitions and fears are creating barriers in your mind, stopping you from getting there? If you really want to break the shackles of inhibitions and plunge into the world of infinite possibilities, then this is a path breaking program that empowers you to do exactly that and take the next plunge on the path of life!

The Dynamism for Self and Nation program offers: 

  • Tools to identify Mental Blocks
  • Powerful techniques to snap out of the Comfort Zone
  • Rigorous spiritual processes to tap the total Inner Potential
  • Loads of Dynamism and Inspiration
  • Training of the mind to transition from limiting the Challenges to challenging the Limits


  • Part-1 Program/Happiness Program/YES+ offered by The Art of  Living
  • Physically and mentally fit to go through rigorous training

Duration:  Residential Program for 3.5 days

! Ignite the spark of dynamism and unleash the dormant leader within you !

3 thoughts on “Dynamism for Self and Nation – DSN

  1. Namaskar Sir,
    I’m interested to do “Dynamism for Self & Nation”.
    Is there any upcoming plan for the same ??

    Vijay Suman


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