Ganesh Radhakrishnan, who originally hails from the southern state of  Kerala in India is an international faculty at The Art of Living organization for various workshops that imbibe life skills, leadership, stress relief and mind management in individuals. A meditation teacher, yoga trainer, spiritual practitioner, inspirational speaker at various forums on diverse matters,  ‘Happiness coach’ and an environmentalist at heart …. he is a multi-faceted personality with a passionate zest for transformational life and spirituality.

 Yoga is all about naturalness, being yourself. All our lives, we try to become someone else. It brings great relaxation knowing that you don’t have to change or pretend to be someone that you aren’t. 

In 1998, while he was at the helm of his career as an official at the central government, oblivious of the destiny, he set his footsteps on this ethereal journey with the Art of Living introductory workshop. Inspired by the transformation that he witnessed within, he discovered his hidden passion in transferring the same experience to others. 

His dream found wings in 2003 when he got trained as an Art of Living faculty to impart the stress relief workshops. He set out on his journey of spreading smiles from Southern India and later extended his noble endeavors travelling across the globe, carving his niche as an internationally acclaimed trainer. Since then, he has dedicated his life to spread the smile and joy of Yoga and Meditation far and wide, inspired by the mission of his Master, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to create a stress-free, violence-free world.


He has been imparting the knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Sudarshan Kriya, inspirational leadership and dynamism through the various Art of Living workshops. Be it the introductory programs like Utkarsha Yoga for kids, Medha Yoga for teens, Art of Living Yoga and Happiness Program for adults, Government Executive Programs for government officals, APEX program for corporates and enterprises, or more advanced transformational programs like Dynamism for Self & Nation and Art of Living Yoga Level 2, or trauma relief  Prison Smart programs for the prisoners, or Youth Leadership Training workshops for the young adults, or train-the-trainer programs like Volunteer Training Program and Teachers Training Program, he has been instrumental in not only transforming the lives of lakhs of people from all walks of life but also galvanizing them to passionately take up service projects for the betterment of the world around, like he does. Apart from that, he has also facilitated several stress-relief and personality development seminars for over 3 lakh people so far.

His heart swelling with gratitude and eyes gleaming with pride for having had an opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization and experience the change within, he feels, “It is more practical and inspiring to be in the present moment and recognize its miracle. It allows me to be more creative.”


Presently, he serves in the role of  Director – National Promotions for the Art of  Living Ashrams and Temples of  Knowledge while parallely conducting many workshops all over the nation. He has also toured the island of Srilanka conducting various Art of Living programs, workshops and seminars. 

Being a regular practitioner of the techniques of Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation himself, experiencing the bliss of the inner world, working towards making the outer world a better place to live in, being an epitome of commitment, passion, dynamism and inspiration, walking on this beautiful path laid out in the footsteps of his Guru and living up to His  Master’s words of  ‘Making life a celebration’, Ganesh Radhakrishnan is truly living a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Cherishing his successful trail, he fondly exclaims,”It has been a great journey. Given the kind of life I have led, I’m sure nothing else in this world could have been as amazing.”


5 thoughts on “PROLOGUE

  1. Attending his pre TTP programme helped me drop away my need to pretend with others and myself to carry on with this life . I stopped being apologetic for being me. If these words have not made enough sense attend Ganesh ji session .

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  2. I Sir, heard lot about your VTTP % TTP courses, most of the people became real hero after attending your courses. Me too joining soon with u..

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