The most powerful and the least valued treasure in the world lies right within us!

More Accolades …

” Thank you for inspring us for more seva through the DSN program. I feel you are a very special teacher ! “

– Prateek Chadha, Meerut

” Best internal transformation one can go through at VTP. I am amazed how my convictions and commitments manifested effortlessly. You are truly rocking ! “

– Neelam Kinagi, Business Consultant, Bangalore

” Thank you for letting us experience the joy of giving in the DSN program. Thank you for showing us the path, for bringing us close to Sri Sri ! “

– Priyanka Agarwal, Engineer, Bangalore

” Teachers’ Training Program with you remains one of the most cherished phases of my life. You are a transformation magician! Your dynamism, zeal for seeing people grow, attention to each in the crowd of hundreds add a huge inspiration! “

– Savitha S, IT Professional, Bangalore

” Transformation begins with DSN. Awesome, amazing, mindblowing experience, high energy. Thank you so much ! “

– Dr. Chitrangana Chauhan, Neuropsychiatrist, Bangalore

“ Infinite bliss & gratitude… experience beyond words. Amazing group energy and learnings at every step of the VTP program. Grateful from the depth of my heart ! ”

– Namrita D, Bangalore

” Completed DSN, this program totally transformed me. I had lot of fun too. Thank you for everything in these four days. “

– Saroj Punde, Mechanical Engineer, Nagpur

” VTP at Bangalore Ashram was so much energy, so much grace. Thank you so much for the experience ! “

– Vikhyath Shabaraya, Mangalore

” Unforgettable VTP with dynamic, charismatic teacher ! Enjoyed to the core, must do for every volunteer. “

– Vipul Agarwal, Bangalore

” In the last few days, after my DSN Program, I am committed to time, got couple of new ideas and started on the pending ones ! Hoping this streak continues… Thank You! “

– Suhas, IT Professional, Bangalore

” In the VTP Program, I experienced your magic, knowledge and electrifying energy. Wonderful to witness moments of life transformation of participants! “

– Anshu Mishra, Bangalore

” The DSN Program was just amazing… Absolutely life transforming for all the participants. Thank You !! “

– Ujval Shankar, Team Building Coach, Bangalore

” DSN effect with Ganesh at Bangalore Ashram was really memorable and my life is transformed ! “

– Kruti Jethva, Student, Bangalore

” Grateful for having such a wonderful experience in just 4 days in your Deep Dive program. It’s truly awesome! “

– Niket Kumar, Bangalore

” A man who helped me to move closer to Gurudev, Thank you for changing my life completely through your brilliant DSN program.”

– Ashutosh Rathore, IT Professional, Pune

” You are a true instrument of the Master, shaping our personalities and sharpening our skills. It’s a privilege to do the Teachers’ Training Program with you! “

– Simi Sharma, Plano, USA

” We really are blessed to become volunteers after the VTP program with you. “

– Tapashi Gupta, Bangalore

” Deep Dive Program is a beautiful course with such an amazing and dynamic teacher – Ganesh Radhaji. Feeling so grateful for the journey within ! “

– Akshat Goel, Entrepreneur, Bangalore

” Yoga Deep Dive Program is a complete package for cleansing, healing, strengthening, asanas and Yoga like never before. It brought me back to understanding that yoga is more than just asanas.  My deepest gratitude to you for taking the sessions to a different level with your energy and skills ! “

– Suhas V, IT Professional, Bangalore

” I attended your DSN program. Your talks are very interesting and life changing to me. I admire your knowledge and feel guided through your valuable advice! “

– Ashok Kumar, Chennai

” Thanks for the wonderful experience at the Happiness Program. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful knowledge and wisdom ! “

– Topsy Kretz, Singapore

“Many thanks to Ganesh bhaiya for his excellent training. New volunteers created by the best and inspiring teacher at the VTP !”

– Ashutosh Rathore, IT Consultant, Pune

“I experienced my strength due to the Volunteer Training Program with you. Every youth must attend this once in their life!”

– Kiran Jaybhaye, Solar Energy Expert, Bangalore

“Life transforming VTP. A must do if you want to see beyond your possibilities!”

– Sai Sankalp, Hyderabad