Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Program

! Take a Deep Dive into your majestic inner ocean and reach for the precious pearls hidden beneath!

“Fixing the mind is like trying to stop the waves in the ocean. Instead, if you dive a little deeper, you can see the ocean without the waves. Likewise, when you dive deep within, you’ll go beyond your mind and experience the stillness of the ocean!” 

– Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar

The Deep Dive program offers:

  • Simple yet effective Yoga Postures
  • Rejuvenating Natural Detox Processes for the Body and Mind  –Shankha Prakshalanam and JalNeti
  • Advanced Pranayamas and Yogic Techniques 
  • Subtle Strengthening and Healing Contractions – SSAHC
  • Deep Meditations and Deeper Relaxation
  • Knowledge Sessions on ‘Patanjali Yoga Sutra’

Eligibility:   Above 18 years of age

Duration:  Residential Program for 4 full days

! Dive Deeper … Feel Lighter … Rise Higher !

2 thoughts on “Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive Program

  1. But cant do in this batch… please let me know when is the next batch…and I wanna do sri sri yoga level 1 first…


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