Dynamism for Self and Nation: A leap of growth, courage and inner freedom from the cliff of barriers, limitations and inhibitions!

Recently, I logged into Quora and what caught my eyes was a lot of questions on what, how and why of the Art of Living DSN program. Having been bestowed with the blessing of conducting a wide spectrum of programs of the Art of Living over the past few decades, DSN is the one that’s close to my heart since it was a milestone phase in transforming my life instantaneously and turning it into a major bend for most of what I am today.

I still remember, when I first attended, I got into the DSN program with a lot of set concepts, skepticism and complacence. At the end of the program on Sunday, it seemed as though the old ‘me’ was totally shattered out of concepts, comfort zones and limiting perceptions!

Some time ago, when Gurudev blessed me to be a DSN trainer, my joy knew no bounds imagining the rigorous paradigm shift it is going to bring in people’s lives. From that day on, till date, every DSN program that I conducted in any corner of the world has never ceased to amaze me with the way it empowers people in just four days.

When people enter the program on the first day, I see curiosity in some eyes, oblivion in some, self-doubt in some and many such mixed emotive expressions. As they begin the journey of exploring themselves in this program day by day, they go through numerous rigorous processes wherein some techniques challenge them physically, some processes challenge their mind, some activities confront them with their fears, some present them with their limits head on.  Each one discovers their own unique way of handling these challenges and begin accustoming their minds to this roller coaster of a ride gradually.

As the program nears to an end, it mesmerizes me to witness the huge inner paradigm shift inside each one of the participants from complacence to commitment, finite conditioned mental patterns to open minds of infinite possibilities, fearful insecurity to well-grounded divine faith, inhibitions to inner freedom and many more such sweet surprises, every single time! Truly, it is a precious blessing of grace gushing out of my Master that bestows this rare opportunity on me to sit there and watch this miraculous transformation unfold with a sense of awe. This ultimate transition of frowns and turbulence into smiles and dynamism is my vital inspiration to plunge into more of these head on again and again… yet again!


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