Catastrophe in the land of backwaters: Are we taking the right takeaway or turning a blind eye to find a getaway?!

Kerala is seeing an unprecedented outpour of water in the last fortnight causing such a mayhem in the whole of the state with a potential peril of landslides in the hilly terrains. Landscape is totally washed out, flora and fauna is vanished and millions of people have been rendered homeless and kinless, not to mention the commercial loss of Rs. 20,000 crores within a few slaps of the Nature!

As in times of every catastrophe, this time too, The Art of Living organization has sprung into immediate action in all the flood-affected areas from day one and thousands of Art of Living volunteers from all over the nation and world have come to the respite of the flood victims, not only saving them from the mishap but also providing them material, physical, and mental relief from the trauma and leading them further into future rehabilitation plans.

The scale and magnitude of the calamity and the service rendered by Art of Living is captured in the below depiction.

While the tragedy of the whole phenomenon is heart wrenching, what is really heartening is the voluntary helping hands that suddenly crop up in humongous numbers from unknown corners in these times of despair, feeling the need to respond to the united cry of their soul to offer solace in any which way possible! It is this overwhelming act of desperate aid and assistance during any emergency that really reassures the world of the humanity prevailing in every heart and spirit, hidden behind the mask of otherwise daily chores of life.

But, all said and done, does the innate humane nature residing inside us have to wait for an uncalled for crisis to express itself in all its blossoming? How many more such damages do we need to face to understand the fact that if we could set aside our complacence and fence out of the cozy corners of our lifestyle, one step at a time and extend our ‘arms of share and care’ to each other and the environment everyday rather than once in a blue moon, we would most definitively be doing such a big favour to our own selves, saving everything and everyone from the clutches of evil’s fury, both human and natural?!

Isn’t this the high time we realise the importance of coming together as a One World Family and join hands in really establishing a virtuous world, where each one is available for everyone else at the snap of a finger in times of need?!

My nuggets of ‘food for thought’ from the debacle my motherland has landed into today. Ponder upon it and act soon, if it strikes the right chords of your inner human spirit or wait for Mother Nature to show you what it is like when she goes really insane!

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